“I now know myself better and have gained perspective.”

“Lorna made me feel like my issues were important to her too.”

“Counselling really helped me focus on a better future.”

“I feel listened to, supported and at ease.”

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself and am doing much better.”

“Counselling has helped me to cope with emotional turmoil. I have been able to openly talk about my feelings and fears and found solutions to help me go forward with life. The sessions have been very valuable for me and helped me enormously”

“I knew whatever I told Lorna, I wouldn’t be judged”

“Counselling helped me to understand myself and my relationships with others”

“Thank you Lorna for being so patient”

“My sessions with Lorna helped me to feel more secure and gave me somewhere to go to relieve some mental pressure”

“Lorna has been supportive and professional, allowing me to feel safe and develop trust. Through our regular sessions, I have been able to move to a place of inner change and leave feeling freer, more confident and optimistic about what the future holds”

“Life is worth so much more now”