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I am now offering video sessions via the online platform, Zoom.

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4 months ago

Black Lives Matter

4 months ago
Paula Cook Counselling

Nice post explaining Corona virus overwhelm and how it can impact each of us in different ways.

I really like this way of describing Corona Virus Overwhelm. So many things right now in our Capacity Cups - news, financial strain, worry, illness, lockdown easing concern. Add your own to this ... See more

4 months ago

Good morning and happy Monday!
I'm wondering how you're all feeling about the release of lockdown restrictions?
There's a lot of differing thoughts and feelings going around. Personally, I'm more ... See more

4 months ago

Putting everyone else's needs or feelings before your own grinds you down and can end with depression, low self esteem, burn-out etc.
You are important and learning to consider yourself is such a ... See more

5 months ago
Photos from Lorna Eatherington Counselling & Psychotherapy's post

Now that we're allowed to leave our homes for socially distanced fresh air and exercise, I went to soak up some beauty by the river. I love being by the water, it calms me and revitalises me. ... See more

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